Valentines Day and Google+ Page

Ello All,

Roses are red, Violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are all you!! Sorry about the cheesy line, but I hope that you all had a lovely and romantic Valentines Day! Well I had sat on the couch thinking about all the people that had a valentine besides me ūüė• … Thanks for asking.

On a more lively note, I have just added a Google+ Page for this blog.  Please go and check it out!! I will leave a link here! I hope that this will help you all learn about about me and my life and a little about yours.

Comment below about your partner, lover or friend!

Talk to y’all later

xx Pretty Paradise


Secrets to get Long, Strong and Healthier Hair

Hi Yal,

How’s it all going? I have felt so bad about not posting for ages. Being a teen, school is first priority, and things at school have just been pretty CRAZY!! But I am back… and hopefully for good, so I am going to show you how to achieve long, strong and healthy hair for the next blog post.

First of all some general hair care suggestions and ideas:

1. Always drink loads of water

2. Always eat fruit and vegetables

3. Take good vitamins

–Secret No. 1#–

Being young teens, our bodies and everything else, like hair, are still growing. People always say ‘to get long hair, do not cut it!’. Surprisingly though it is actually healthier to have a regular trim. You only need to cut about a inch off the bottom, just to freshen things up and get rid of any split ends. This is because when you get older the hair takes longer to grow and when you are older you’ve had more time to do things on it like bleach, use heat tools and dye it and so the hair isn’t i at its best. All the oils within the hair are helping to create long and healthy hair. Which brings me to Secret No.2#…

–Secret No.2#–

Do not wash your hair every single day. Wash your body everyday, please do that!, but do not wash your hair every day. Washing hair strips away all the natural oils in your hair, and is tell the body that it is all dry now, so it starts to build back up again and creates oily hair. If you are someone that has oily hair, let your hair be oily for 3, maybe 4 days, then wash your hair. This helps to create a routine for your hair and tells it when it is allowed to start to get oily again. Things you can do within those few are to us dry shampoo to help soak up the oils.

–Secret No.3#–

Don’t us to much heat. Thing like straighteners, curling wands and hair dryers should all be used with hair protectant if they are above 50 degrees Celsius. Anything hotter could burn your hair and definitely increase the time to grow it. A tip would be would to let you hair air dry or try to do a no-heat tutorial the night before you go to bed. There are loads upon Youtube.

FOTD: Drinking milk gives vitamin D and gives the hair shin.

Hope you liked it and we will see you very soon!

Xx Pretty Paradise

Polish Me Up: Rock/Punk Look

Hey Yal,September 2013 483

Sorry about the HUGE delay in blogging. I have been super busy¬†couple of weeks¬†with work and school so haven’t had much time to blog, but I have still been going on and looking at all the wonderful news going on around the world!!

Today I have another one to add to the Polish Me Up collection, which I think is going pretty well, a punk/rock look. I think that this is a great look for the girls that like a more darker nail look but still want a little SPARKLE! I still think that with different colours this look could become a hole other thing.

I have a secret weapon that I like to use when I feel like¬†something simple but not something totally boring, so don’t tell anyone ;D

So…¬†Do you wanna begin??

September 2013 484

First, like normal, I clean my hands, file and cut if I need and then apply my¬† FAV base and top coat by OPI. I don’t see the need in have two different bottles when I can have them both in one.

Then I coat my nails, all in a black nails polish. I don’t really feel like giving the name of the nail polish because I don’t have a good black nail colour at the moment, so I just used this one.

September 2013 485Next,¬†I waited until the polish had COMPLETLY dried because I did this later in the week and if the colour wasn’t dry then the SPECIAL colour would work as well.¬† So, the moment you have all been waiting for, the special colour is…¬† my OPI shatter in Silver. This stuff is FABULOUS.¬† Like I said before, if your wanting to spice up your nails then adding this stuff looks like you’ve spent hours doing this detailed design on the nails. It also does make you fingers tingle a little if you put it on your skin, it shows that its working!

September 2013 487

Almost done. I finish off with a top coat and ALL DONE!!  You have completed your rocker/punk look, or other styled look depending on the colours. A cute colour combo could be pink and gold for a sweeter, girlie look.

I hope you all enjoyed, and please do keep checking in. I do need to try to keep going even if I have a busy week! Also leave a comment telling me what colours you picked that worked well.

Xx Pretty Paradise

Polish Me Up: Sparkled Nails with Stars

Hi All,

Just before a start just a quick reminder that I have now started my Bloglovin account so come and check it out!  So lets get into the really stuff!

This weekend I went on to continuing my new series ‘Polish Me Up’. ¬†This is the second in the series and another easy one (in saying that a lot of thing that I do on my nails is easy ;D) So lets get started…

Polish Me Up #2

First I started off by washing and filing my nails and putting down a towel just in case I spill something (which I always seem to do!!). ¬†Then I applied my favourite base and top coat by OPI…Polish Me Up #2

Next I went on to coating all my fingers (except the ring finger) in my OPI blue shade called ‘ Tropical Teal’. ¬† And just to change it up I went on to adding another OPI blue called ‘Downtown’ onto my ringer finger. ¬†This is a really pretty sparkly blue…

IPHONE July 2013 020

After letting that dry, I grabbed a little square of cling film and scrunched it into a loose ball. Then with the brush of a white nail polish, I just painted that onto the ball. ¬†Gently, I dabbed it onto the ends of my nail, remembering that you can put on but not take off. ¬†This is optional, I added a couple of star shapes around the place with the paint brush tips or you could even us a tooth pick…

IPHONE July 2013 021

Then to finish it all off, I added another layer of base and top coat!  And we are all done!!

I hope you enjoyed this Polish Me Up.  I am hoping to keep staying in the groove of blogging, so keep checking back for something new.  Also, I am a HUGE fan of hair styling and would love to incorporate it into my blog, so leave a comment telling me if you would like to see some hair tutorials!!

Xx Pretty Paradise

Open Poll Questions and Forum

Hey Guys,

I decided today to have a look at trying something REALLY interesting that I saw on Harsh Reality¬†Blog.¬†There are an interesting group of posts so go and check them out! ¬†Anyway… ¬†they had a clever idea of opening up there blog to anyone wanting to advertise, ask questions and any other weird things, some question (nothing about personal life) could even be to me to read and respond to.

So I am leaving it to you! ¬†There is a catch though if possible, I would LOVE if you could past the name of this blog onto one other person. I would love to have more people following me ūüôā

Like on Harsh Reality Blog,  there are good and bad ways to advertise,  THINK SMART:D

Have fun,

Xx Pretty Paradise

I’m Here on Bloglovin!!

Hey Guys,

Just a quicky, ¬†BIG NEWS, I’m on Bloglovin!! ¬† Come and check it all out. ¬†I am sorry if thing start to stuff up, I still getting use to it all and haven’t completely figured it all out, so hang with me ūüėČ Come and check it out and you know, just to consider, have a look at FOLLOWING ME!!

I am also hopefully going to be doing 2 posts on the weekend for yal, so stay tuned in…

Xx Pretty Paradise

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